Previous Talks

On Wednesday 26th June 2013, Dr Francisco Santos, , Lisbon,  gave the CS4 talk “Climate Policy: How to Cooperate in an Uncertain World”.

On Wednesday 12th June 2013 May, Professor Paul Palmer, University of Edinburgh, gave the CS4 talk “How do we know how much atmospheric CO2 is from natural vs human-driven sources?”.

On Wednesday 29th May 2013, Dr Nathaniel Virgo, University of Tokyo, gave the CS4 talk “Gaia before life: Autocatalysis and the Prebiotic Ecosystem”.

On Wednesday 15th May 2013, Professor Matthew Turner, University of Warwick, gave the CS4 talk “Social Fluids”.

On Wednesday 24th April 2013Dr Simon McGregor, University of Sussex, gave the CS4 talk “Can Chemicals Think?”.

On Wednesday 17th April 2013Professor Doyne Farmer, University of Oxford gave the CS4 talk “The economics of sustainability”.

On Wednesday 13th March 2013, Paul Ormerod, Volterra Partners, gave the CS4 talk “Does quality matter?  Rational agent behaviour in complex, 21st century systems”.

On Wednesday 6th March 2013, Dr Rene Doursat, Drexel University, Philadelphia, gave the CS4 talk “Morphogenetic Engineering: the Two-Way Bridges Between Biomodelling, Bioinspired Engineering, and Bioengineering”.

On Wednesday 27th February 2013, Dr Roman Frigg, London School of Economics, gave the CS4 talk “Laplace’s Demon and the Adventures of his Apprentices”.

On Wednesday 13th February 2013, Professor Scott Moss gave the CS4 talk “Simplicity in Practice: The Failure of Social Modelling

On Wednesday 20th January 2013, Dr Rachel Armstrong, University of Greenwich, gave the CS4 talk “A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Complexity

On Wednesday 16th January 2013, Dr Tobias Galla from the University of Manchester will gave the CS4 talk “Chaos and noise in game theory and evolutionary dynamics


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