Future Talks

10th December 2014 1600: James Heppell, University of Southampton. Operational Research Methods in Plant Science. To be rescheduled…

26th November 2014 1600: Enzo Nicosia, School of Mathematical Sciences – Queen Mary University. Phase transitions in network growth: from street patterns to neural networks.

12th November 2014 1400: Mervyn Freeman,  British Antarctic Survey. Some random walks in space weather.

5th November 2014 1600: Alex Kalloniatis, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Canberra, Australia. Networks and synchronisation: mathematical modelling of socio-technical decision making systems.

29 October 2014 1600: Doyne Farmer, University of Oxford. A long-term vision for computational economics. 

24th September 2014 1600: Chris Gordon-Smith. Molecules Designed for Chemical Network Memory and Non-Genetic Inheritance.


13th November 2013: Dr Attila Lazar, University of Southampton. The complex challenge of achieving sustainable livelihoods in coastal Bangladesh. This is a joint CS4/Sustainability Science Southampton talk

20th November 2013: Dr Hywel Williams, University of Exeter. Games, networks, and climate change.

27th November 2013: Dr Andy Philippides University of Sussex. Insect navigation.

18th December 2013: Prof Robert Stamps, University of Glasgow. The dynamics of magnetisation in nano structured materials. Robert’s talk will be rescheduled for a slot in 2014.

8th January 2014: Dr Helen Czerski University College London. The complexities of bubbles.

15th January 2014: Prof Martyn Amos, Manchester Metropolitan University. Population-based microbial computing.

29th January 2014: Dr Mike Harfoot, United Nations Environment Program and Microsoft Research, Cambridge. Attempting to model all life on earth –  a proof of concept General Ecosystem Model.

12th February 2014: Prof James Ladyman, University of Bristol, What is a complex system? James’s talk will be rescheduled for a slot later in 2014.

26th February 2014: Dr James Dyke, University of Southampton Is the Earth alive? A planetary odessey

12th March 2014: Dr Guillaume Achaz, University of Paris VI. Epistatic constraints in evolution, theory and practice.


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