CS4 future talk: Simon McGregor

On Wednesday 24th April, Dr Simon McGregor, will give the CS4 talk “Can Chemicals Think? Learning And Approximate Bayesian Inference In Simulated Reaction Systems”.

Building 53 Room 4025, Highfield Campus, 4-5pm.


“In biology, cognitive processes have been extensively studied in whole organisms, nervous systems, and perhaps to a lesser extent immune systems. The possibility of analogous phenomena at the sub-cellular level has been given relatively little attention. I describe a series of simple experiments showing that potential chemical learning mechanisms can be identified by in silico evolution of simulated reaction systems. In fact, the dynamics can be readily interpreted as an approximate implementation of Bayesian inference. I discuss these results in the context of the complex relationships between information theory, thermodynamics, cognition and life.”

A paper about this research was recently published in PLOS Computational Biology, available for download here.


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